Capturing Love at Ethelbari and Debrani International Resort: Manish & Manisha’s Wedding Photography 2023.


Wedding Photography, Manish and Manisha, two hearts entwined in love, embarked on their beautiful wedding journey captured by Krishna Sharma and his talented team at Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography and Films. The saga of their love unfolded through various ceremonies, each filled with joy, traditions, and unforgettable moments.

Mehndi Ceremony –

Ethelbari’s Green Haven:The festivities kicked off with the vibrant Mehndi ceremony at Ethelbari, the bride’s own residence. Manisha, adorned in a stunning green saree, epitomized elegance. Her mehndi designs were a true work of art, intricately crafted on her beautiful hands. She wore a matching glass that added a touch of charm to her look, and her radiant smile lit up the day.

By ~ Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography And Films.

Haldi Ceremony – A Yellow Extravaganza:

The Haldi ceremony was a burst of colors and warmth. Manish donned a cheerful yellow kurta, and Manisha was a vision in a yellow saree, complemented by stylish sunglasses. Family members joined in the celebration, showering the couple with fragrant flowers, symbolizing blessings and happiness.

By ~ Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography And Films.

The Grand Wedding – Debrani International Resort, Lataguri:

The D-day arrived at the luxurious Debrani International Resort in Lataguri. Manish’s grand entry with the baraat, resplendent in a golden white sherwani and a striking red marriage cap, was a sight to behold. Manisha, in a captivating red lehenga, radiated beauty and grace. The moment they exchanged garlands on the grand stage, showered by flowers, was a perfect union of two souls in love.

By ~ Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography And Films.

Garland Rituals:

The exchange of garlands during the wedding ceremony was a symbolic act, signifying the union of two souls. It’s a tradition that has been cherished for generations and holds profound meaning in Indian weddings. As Manish and Manisha exchanged garlands, it represented their willingness to accept each other as life partners and the start of their journey together.

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Marriage Rituals – The Sacred Bond:

The sacred marriage rituals were a testament to their commitment and love for each other. The sindoor ceremony, a symbol of the bride’s marital status, was a poignant moment as Manish applied the vermilion on Manisha’s forehead, sealing their love and bond for a lifetime.

By ~ Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography And Films.


Manish and Manisha’s wedding journey was a tapestry of love, traditions, and unforgettable moments. Captured by Krishna Sharma and his team at Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography and Films, every frame told a story of their beautiful union. Wedding photography, Mehndi ceremony, Haldi ceremony, Grand wedding, Best Wedding Photography In Ethelbari, We hope these memories will be cherished for a lifetime, and their love will continue to grow with each passing day.