Love in Gorubathan-Lataguri: Juhi and Gautam’s Stunning Pre-Wedding Frames 2023.


Pre-Wedding, In the serene landscapes of Gorubathan and Lataguri, Krishna Sharma and the talented team at Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography And Films had the privilege of immortalizing the beautiful moments leading up to Juhi and Gautam’s union. Let’s dive into the picturesque narrative that unfolded during their enchanting pre-wedding shoot.

1. **Mountain Romance:**

Nestled in the mountains, Juhi and Gautam began their journey, standing on a bridge overlooking a cascading waterfall. The vibrant backdrop, with Juhi in a pink jacket, set the stage for a tale of love amid nature’s grandeur.

By ~ Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography And Films.

2. **Railway Tracks Serenity:**

Transitioning to the railway tracks, the couple embraced the tranquility of a forest. Dressed in contrasting outfits, they created a heart shape with their hands, symbolizing the depth of their connection. A moment frozen in time, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

By ~ Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography And Films.

3. **Riverside Bliss:**

As the sun began to set, the couple found themselves by the riverbank. Gautam, in a block shirt, tenderly kissed Juhi, both immersed in the serenity of the evening. The duo then ventured onto a boat, capturing the essence of their love against the calming backdrop of the flowing river.

By ~ Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography And Films.

4. **Bike Ride Affection:**

In a forest setting, Juhi donned a pink suit while Gautam wore a striking blue and golden kurta. Seated on a bullet bike, they shared an intimate moment, their heads touching. A fusion of tradition and modernity, their love echoed through the winding paths of the forest.

By ~ Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography And Films.

5. **Waterfall Elegance:**

Against the majestic backdrop of a waterfall, Juhi and Gautam’s love story continued. Dressed in contrasting attire, the couple radiated elegance and grace, creating timeless portraits that spoke of the enduring nature of their bond.

By ~ Krishna Gallery Wedding Photography And Films.


Juhi and Gautam’s pre-wedding journey, expertly documented by Krishna Sharma and his team, is a visual symphony of love and nature. Each frame tells a unique story, weaving together the threads of their connection against breathtaking landscapes. Pre-Wedding,Love story, nature’s beauty, romantic portraits, riverside bliss. As they embark on the journey of marriage, these captured moments will forever stand as a testament to the timeless beauty of their love.